Womens Sixes Draft League 2023

Womens Sixes Draft League 2023

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our fall Womens Sixes Draft League 2023 – registrations open in the summer.

In order to allow all individuals stress-free participation in events, the sixes teams will be drawn in the days before games take place. The registration form will require each player to assess their own skill level so that teams will hopefully be evenly matched. We think this will be a great opportunity to play competitive games with and against different players. It allows any number of players from each team to join in and also offer newer players more experience. The number of games/schedule will be determined by the number of players signed up.

Results 2022

Saturday, November 26th – ASKÖ Eggenberg, Graz

Lynx 3 : 8 Ravens
Ravens 13 : 5 Marmuts
Marmuts 6 : 10 Lynx

Saturday, October 22th – Stadtlau, Vienna

Lipizzaner 5 : 11 Peacocks
Deer 13 : 9 Lipizzaner
Peacocks 13 : 7 Deer

Sixes Rules Clinic via Zoom took place on October 12th

There was a Sixes Rules Clinic offered via Zoom which was recorded! If you are interested in receiving a link to the recordings, or if you would like to bench and/or umpire, please let us know!  

For any questions please contact womenslacrosse@graz-gladiators.com

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